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RS (cash-in) rubles

Russian Standard is one of the most popular banks in Russia. It numbers tens of thousands of customers throughout Russia. For the convenience of replenishing funds in the cash account, cash in technology was introduced. Many have a Russian Standard card, however, to use our service while maintaining anonymity, it will not work. Use cash in recharge terminals. For this we will provide the details.
How to buy cryptocurrency for rubles
NewLine service offers a profitable course, pleasant after-sales service and an extensive selection of cryptocurrencies for purchase. In total, we have over 20 options. At the same time, the choice is constantly expanding. If you did not find the desired token in the list when applying, write to us. We will consider your request and offer exchange conditions. The course of Ethereum is the best in Runet.
We also offer an exchange with cash in for electronic currencies. You can use Advanced Cash, Perfect Money or Payeer services. This is a quick way to not only replenish these payment systems, but also electronic wallets. Similarly, you can improve your account on EXMO exchange by ordering an exchange with us in rubles or dollars.
How to replenish the account in this way?
You can fill out an application in a couple of minutes, indicating the amount you are giving, the method of receipt, wallet details and email. Next, you need to pay. To do this, find the terminal of the Russian Standard bank and sеlect the “top up without a card” item. Indicate the details, check the full name, enter the PIN specified by the operator. Deposit money and save the ATM number. We will send you the money in the specified manner within 30 minutes after the funds are credited to the account.
You can use the Bitcoin calculator to calculate the amount received. With us it is integrated into the application form and is automatic. It is enough to indicate the amount you want to give.