If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.


Payeer USD exchange

Many people prefer to keep money on Payeer, as the electronic wallet is popular all over the world and provides ample opportunities for its users. Through it, you can withdraw money to a card, purchase various goods or pay for services. We offer an exchange with Payeer for:
1. Cryptocurrency: Zcash, Tether, Litecoin. We offer more than 20 tokens.
2. Electronic wallets: Yandex. Money, QIWI. We will make the transfer in a short time, after receiving the indicated amount for transferring to the account.
3. Any bank whose office is in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Payer exchange is made in cash at the box office or through the terminal. The safest way.
4. Cash: in rubles, dollars or euros. You can get it in our offices (Moscow and St. Petersburg) or order air delivery to any city in the Russian Federation where there is an airport. The exchange is anonymous.
5. Money transfer: Western uniоn, Golden Crown, etc. We will make the transfer anywhere in the world. Suitable for those who can not provide a bank account or do not want, as well as for travelers.
If you want to use Payeer dollar in Russia to buy cryptocurrency, which we do not have, write us in the chat. We will agree on the terms of the exchange.
NewLine service: quick and easy exchange
If you are considering how to withdraw from Payeer to a card, you can be sure that it is simple and convenient with our service:
1. You do not need to fill out huge forms.
2. No registration required.
3. Technical support will always help and tell you.
The exchange is carried out as soon as possible, you can familiarize yourself with the regulations by selecting the necessary exchange direction. For communication and providing data on the operation, provide an email.