Menu is attentive to all the details that affect the security of payments. We constantly indicate precautionary measures, recall the importance of correctly filling out the online application form. Repeat the basic security requirements.

Application on the site
The exchange of cryptocurrencies and other assets is carried out according to the standard scheme:

  • The client fills out an application and sends her number to the chat no later than 30 minutes later.
  • The operator checks the data, gives the details to which you want to send the payment.
  • After the payment is made, the application is executed within the terms indicated on the exchange page.

There are no other options. If you make a mistake when filling out, corrections are carried out via e-mail. Therefore, we immediately ask you to indicate the real address to which you can receive a letter of confirmation.

Transaction Details
Remember that only the correct filling of the application ensures that you receive funds. Very often we indicate the need to enter various additional data. For example, special fields Memo, Tag, Payment id and more. If the operator informs you of additional wallet data, do not forget about it. Otherwise, there is a risk that the payment will not work.
If you accidentally make a mistake in the number in the account number, then send the money to another person. Unfortunately, return is not possible in this case. The best way to avoid such risks is to copy all numbers and paste them into the corresponding lines of the application. We also remind you that for registered users there is auto-completion of forms. This will protect you from possible risks.

Third Party Accounts and Wallets
The only way to securely exchange digital assets is to indicate the account, card, or wallet that belongs to you. Specifying the details of third parties, you risk not getting the money or goods (services) for which you are trying to pay.
The administration of is not responsible in such situations. We warn users in advance about possible risks, cases of fraud on the part of various stores, services and individuals.

Information on third-party sites
Often, on various resources you can find advertising or other information of commercial content, which indicates the name of our exchanger. We do not provide any additional services, do not engage in loans and other financial activities. If you see such ads, they are scammers with a 100% probability.
If you received an email ostensibly from our service, do not rush to open it, and, moreover, click on any links. You can always find out in the chat whether correspondence was sent to your email. This is a reliable protection against theft of your data.

Payment Fees
If you paid more when depositing funds than indicated on the exchange page, then there are several options:

  • You have deducted the commission of the service through which the funds are sent. Such a percentage is in payment systems, banks, mobile operators. It is not always static, and you pay for it yourself.
  • You withdraw crypto from the exchange. The platform always takes a commission percentage.

Remember that we indicate only the exchange rate of assets subject to payment for our services.
By following these simple recommendations, you protect yourself from possible financial risks. We also remind you that the technical support service accepts customer requests around the clock. You can always write a chat question and get a detailed consultation. Specialists quickly understand all the issues that arise with customers.