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29.02.2020 company not only offers a profitable exchange of cryptocurrencies, but also always strives to guarantee the security of payments. For this purpose, we constantly remind you to carefully check the input data when creating the application. Otherwise, there is a risk that funds will not be transferred to cards, accounts or wallets.

The security of the transaction is very important for the administration, which can be ensured only if the user follows all the instructions indicated on our website.

The key point that we want to draw attention to in this article is the need to indicate your personal details for payment when creating an application. Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the rules of our service are prohibited from indicating the accounts of “third parties” during the exchange. Further we will explain why.
Main risks

There are two main problems that users face:

The first is the frequent attempts to deceive people with various online companies.

The second – technical malfunctions of terminals, ATMs or errors on the servers of banks and electronic payment systems.

1) Attackers are constantly developing new, more complex fraud schemes to receive cryptocurrency payments from gullible people. Trusting Russians sometimes indicate the details of such a dubious company by filling out an application on our website. Instead, we always recommend receiving payment on your own, and after that send the cryptocurrency to the final recipient.

Especially often problems arise on sites that accept sports betting in various online casinos. In the vast majority of cases, these are organizations registered in offshore zones. If you transfer cryptocurrency there, and the representative of the casino or bookmaker does not confirm receipt, it will be very difficult to prove anything.

2) In addition to such risks, there are purely technical issues. For example, the ATM through which the money was deposited hung or an error occurred in the banking system. If the payment is made at your details, you can always contact the bank or technical support of the payment system. They will check and return the money to you without any problems. If, in such a case, when creating the application, you indicated the details of others for payment, it may be difficult to make the payment.

Also, do not share your passwords, private keys, other data from accounts and wallets to anyone. In the vast majority of cases, this leads to a loss of funds. Bank employees, administration of transaction services, our employees never ask for such data.
How to protect yourself

When exchanging simple rules apply:

If you sell bitcoin or altcoins and get money for bank details or a wallet of a payment system, always indicate your card, account, wallet.

Names indicated by you in the application must match the data of the cardholder or service account that is used to receive or send funds.

If you receive cryptocurrency, indicate the BTC-wallet (or any other cryptocurrency wallet) belonging to you, to which you have full access. Only in this case it will be possible to verify the payment, and, in case of technical problems, fix the problem through technical support.

If you contact our cryptocurrency exchanger, it is important to remember that the company is only liable if the user has fulfilled all the requirements and the payment error occurred due to technical reasons or (which is unlikely) due to oversight of the executors. The second option is practically excluded, since it completely depends on the correctness of the entered data.

By the way, for registered users autofill details work. This is another easy way to protect against random errors. is a reliable exchanger, and the company’s management constantly monitors security, cherishing the reputation of the service. If you have other questions regarding security, privacy, data storage, and you did not find the answers on our website, please contact the tech support chat. Experts will help you figure out any situation, and will give you the necessary recommendations. Appeals are accepted around the clock.