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Buying and selling Bitcoins on Telegram is suitable for both beginners and experienced crypto investors. The method does not apply to excessively risky. But scammers are also found here, and if you fall for their tricks, there is a risk of losing all the money.
We will tell you about several fraudulent schemes and precautions that must be followed when working with exchangers in telegrams.

Beware of doubles
To find the desired bot, many people simply enter its name in the search bar of the application. But this method is not safe: there is a risk of accessing a “double” – a telegram chat or bot-exchanger with a very similar name, which differs from the present only in one letter or number.
An error is possible even with the most careful input. For example, fraudsters can rеplace only one letter in the channel name, use a small “I” (L) instead of the capital “I” – it is impossible to distinguish them visually!
To prevent this from happening, you need to go to the exchanger via a direct link from its official website or from an authoritative resource on which you found out about it. This will avoid meeting with the “doubles.”

Previously a very popular divorce scheme, now less common. The bottom line is: The fraudster contacts the real exchanger and the victim. He seems to the exchanger as a client who wants to buy bitcoins. And the victim – an exchanger promising to exchange rubles for bitcoins at a very favorable rate.
Further, the fraudster requests from the exchanger details for crediting money and sends them to the victim. If she goes to the official page of the service and compares them, she will be convinced that these are really the details of the exchanger. Everything looks fair.
The victim makes the transfer, sends the money to the real exchanger, and the bitcoin wallet number for the bitcoin. A fraudster sends his own Bitcoin wallet to the exchanger. The exchanger transfers bitcoins to it. The fraudster rejoices, and the victim thinks that she was deceived by the exchanger. It is impossible to cancel the operation to transfer bitcoins.

Most telegram exchangers are aware of this method of divorce and use mechanisms to prevent it. But if in doubt, it’s better to be safe a hundred times than to lose money:

  • First of all, as we described above, you can not search for an exchanger or bot in the Telegram application manually through a search. Follow only direct links from official sites.
  • To communicate with people, scammers use fake accounts, externally designed exactly like the pages of official representatives. Such a situation is possible even in a real bot, not in a “double”. But figuring out whether an account belongs to a representative is easy. Before making a deal, find the contact person’s account in the description and open a dialogue with him: if it is empty, it means that a fraudster is talking to you.

Do not hurry
If you are rushed when selling or buying bitcoin in telegrams, this is a reason to beware at least. Neither honest sellers nor tech support specialists will ever drive a buyer. And they will always be sympathetic to the desire to verify some information and make sure their intentions are honest.
In the process of preparing for the transaction, you have a suspicion, do you feel a rush and an attempt to get money from you as soon as possible? A sure sign that you need to look for another seller.

Conclusion Is it possible to buy bitcoins on Telegram
Every day, thousands of people successfully buy cryptocurrency on Telegram. Every day there are those who are unlucky: by inattention, they themselves disrupt transactions or fall into the tricks of fraudsters and lose their money.
Do I use Telegram for exchange? You decide. But today it is one of the most affordable, convenient and quick ways to buy bitcoin for rubles.

The main thing: do not forget about security measures, be extremely careful when reading the rules, issuing commands, entering details. And use only trusted resources with good reviews. Good deals!