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How to buy bitcoin through Sberbank Online: all ways to buy BTC
Recent years have shown how profitable it is to keep cryptocurrency in your wallet. Buy bitcoin through Sberbank is becoming an increasingly popular request. In this article we will tell you how to do it and why.
Is it profitable to buy bitcoin through Sberbank
We note right away that you cannot buy bitcoin directly at the Green Bank. However, there are many other ways where this can be done. Buying cryptocurrency determines significant benefits. We will highlight several main ones:
• Anonymity of bitcoin. To purchase cryptocurrency, you do not need to provide personal data. Enough card and wallet numbers for exchange.
• Receiving a profit. Bitcoin can be traded and earn substantially. The cryptocurrency rate is constantly jumping, which allows you to profitably buy and then sell it.
• Easy to obtain. There is no need to spend long hours mining and purchasing equipment. The exchange procedure takes no more than half an hour, but the form is completed in a minute.
• Availability and liquidity. You can always quickly sell and buy bitcoin. Need urgent money? Cryptocurrency can be exchanged, which gives a significant advantage in the quality of accumulation of funds.
Buying bitcoin means exchanging money for tokens. There are a huge number of services that provide automatic currency conversion. In this case, you immediately see the number of tokens for the specified amount that you want to give
All methods of buying bitcoin for rubles with payment through a Sberbank card
There are 4 ways to purchase BTC: mining, exchanges, exchange services, and individuals. The latter is accompanied by a significant risk of stumbling on a scammer. Therefore, it is worth being very attentive and it is better to contact through acquaintances or friends you trust. So the risks will be reduced, and you will not lose money, left without the desired tokens.
Mining is the process of mining cryptocurrency through the use of special equipment. The most reliable way to get bitcoin. However, it has significant disadvantages:
• Costly equipment and knowledge. One video card is not enough, since it requires a whole farm for mining. The equipment is constantly being improved and it is difficult to find relevant information on the Internet.
• In 2020, Bitcoin developers decided to reduce the number of tokens being mined. Now miners get 2 times less BTC than they did a year ago.
• Huge energy costs. If it is not possible to receive subsidies for electricity, the equipment will pay for itself for a very long time.
Simpler ways to acquire BTC are exchanges and exchange services. Let’s figure out where it is more profitable and easier to buy Bitcoin through Sberbank.
Buy BTC on the exchange: challenges and benefits
There are a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet. However, among them it is worth highlighting leaders who have already established themselves as a reliable partner. These inсlude: Binance, Poloniex, EXMO, YoBit and others. They have a huge number of cryptocurrency pairs, which allows you to choose the most convenient way to buy Bitcoin. To do this, you need:
1. Register on the exchange.
2. Provide personal information.
3. sеlect the desired offer.
4. Buy BTC.
Tokens will be on your personal wallet created on the exchange. Separately, you need to withdraw Bitcoin to another account, which is accompanied by additional fees. Often exchanges require user verification, that is, identity verification. To do this, you will have to provide a passport scan and your own photo. The procedure takes about a day, which imposes time limits. Moreover, if the exchange administration suspects you of fraud, you can lose your money and bitcoins without the right to return.
The advantages inсlude: a favorable rate, if you wait a moment, and the ability to buy tokens in large quantities. There are many disadvantages here:
• Knowledge in trading and warrants is required.
• High risk of error.
• Exchanges often close, so you can not choose a little-known site.
• There are difficulties in opening money through Sberbank.
When choosing this method, carefully check the trading platform and find out all the nuances of trading. It will take knowledge and experience to buy BTC at a favorable rate. This requires a lot of time, and therefore we do not recommend this method for beginners.
Buy bitcoins for rubles in Sberbank through exchange services such as NewLine
Exchangers are gaining popularity every year. Many users have already identified their benefits:
1. Minimum data provision (anonymity).
2. A quick way to receive (the application is completed 1 minute).
3. You can get bitcoin right to your wallet.
4. A small commission.
5. Round-the-clock work.
Exchange services do not have disadvantages, if you choose a reliable organization. To do this, study the reviews and work first with small amounts. Be sure to check the work of technical support.
The exchange of rubles for bitcoin is carried out according to a simple scheme:

Indicate the amount you want to give.

See how much BTC you get for it.

If you are satisfied, enter the number of the cryptocurrency wallet and Sberbank card.

Indicate email.

There are very few services that request personal data: full name, passport number and series, etc.


If you want to buy bitcoins for rubles in Sberbank, then leave this venture. It does not work with cryptocurrencies. Therefore, choose one of the proposed methods and get BTC at a favorable rate. We offer the best rate and the most convenient conditions for buying Bitcoin.