Phone bill rubles

Our online exchange NewLine offers its users a wide range of services for the purchase of popular types of cryptocurrency. Here you can buy bitcoin using your mobile phone balance. After all, often you need to make an exchange urgently, and at hand only a smartphone and money on it. Here you can use MTS, Beeline and other operators that allow you to make payments from your mobile phone.
How to buy cryptocurrency from a phone balance
This question is asked by many users who are used to using their smartphone to the maximum. We can do this in a couple of simple steps:
1. Make an application through the form. Indicate:
• Amount to be paid;
• Email;
• Bitcoin wallet number.
2. The system will automatically calculate the number of PTS at the current rate.
3. With the consent, send the specified money from the account to the NewLine account, specifying its number in the operator’s chat.
Receive funds within a short time. If you have questions, write our technical support in Live Chat or by e-mail. We will reply in a short time.
Why you should contact NewLine service
We are constantly developing and achieving the best results in providing services to our users. On the service you can:
1. Buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
2. Make an exchange between electronic wallets and bank cards.
3. Make a profit.
We offer not only a cryptocurrency and fiat market rate, but also an affiliate program. Bring your friends to the service via a personal link and get a percentage of their operation. To do this, go through the registration procedure. Also, for regular customers, we provide individual terms of exchange both from the phone balance for the purchase of cryptocurrency.