If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.

Важно! По направлениям обмена, где пополнение реквизитов производится через банкоматы /терминалы (Киви, Яндекс, Тинькофф, Альфа банк, Русский Стандарт, Сбербанк и др) время выплаты может быть увеличено, просим отнестись с пониманием.


Dear users of the NewLine.Online system!
If you use the services of exchanging “classical” money for electronic money and vice versa – without a doubt, you are a modern person who follows the latest in the financial and economic sector. With a high degree of probability you are working in one of the modern and highly profitable areas and do not miss the opportunity to make competent investments in projects and platforms.
Especially for such people, we have developed our Investment program. Now you have the opportunity to invest in a reliable project that brings stable profits to both its founders and investors.
Why exactly us?
Like all similar projects, the NewLine.Online exchange currency exchange office is an object operating in the revenue field. Blockchain is rapidly gaining momentum and from year to year the share of electronic money in the global economy will only increase. However, unlike direct investments in tokens themselves, partnership with the NewLine exchange office has a huge number of advantages. Here are the main ones:
• No volatility and collapse of exchange rates depending on external factors – the exchange office receives its commission from all exchanges, regardless of the market situation
• Stable passive income – no need to worry about the courses already mentioned, sell something, buy and sell again. The percentage of your income is fixed and depends only on the investment period.
• The reliability and impeccable reputation of a partner represented by NewLine has been behind the project team for more than four years of fruitful work, for which we have grown many times over all the control points, and the growth is only continuing.
• Our reputation is not a desirable figment of our imagination, but a fact confirmed by more than 4000 reviews of real users on the largest thematic services.
• In urgent cases, you will be able to withdraw funds ahead of schedule – even in this case you will not go “minus”, as often happens in other places, but remain in the plus, just a little less.
• High and stable income – much larger than when generating other passive and equally reliable sources of income.
For our investors, as well as for clients, round-the-clock support is available, you can ask any question about investments at a convenient time for you.
We don’t even talk about the availability of affiliate certificates in all the largest payment systems and the convenient way of crediting and returning investments – for any stable working exchange service, this is commonplace, and not something from the category of a unique trading offer.

For more information, contact [email protected]