Menu is an exchange service where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency online profitably, quickly and safely.
Exchanging TRON to qiwi is a convenient way to get money to your qiwi wallet.
After the payment is made, the money will be credited to your qiwi account. The exchange in the direction of TRON to qiwi is performed in a semi-automatic mode and takes from 10 to 30 minutes, from the moment the payment is received at your request.

You can create an application and pay for it around the clock (24/7)

An unpaid application is deleted automatically after 30 minutes.

When creating an application, be sure to indicate your valid email address!
For the safety of your funds, any changes to the data of the application, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the application.

Attention: Replenishment is made only on QIWI RF!
Always check the limit (limit) for accepting funds to your QIWI wallet!
Our service is not responsible for lost funds, as a result of exceeding the replenishment limit, does not process applications for a refund!
Carefully check the correctness of the payment information before creating an application!
Payment is the receipt from you of the exact amount specified in the application (the commission for withdrawal from the wallet / exchange is paid by you in excess of the amount).
The payment will be made to the details (wallet) specified in the application.

Exchange rate: 1.00 TRX = 2.66 RUB

min.: 12000 TRX, max.: 37000 TRX

min.: 12000 TRX

max.: 39670132 RUB


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