If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.


NEWLINE – the best cryptocurrency exchange!
Our profitable NEWLINE exchanger allows exchanging lightcoins for rubles to Sberbank. All operations can be done quickly, safely and profitably.

To complete the operation, you must create an application, adhering to certain rules. However, the sequence of actions will not be difficult to understand even for those who change for the first time.

The exchange of cryptocurrency on a Sberbank card is carried out manually. The whole procedure takes from 30 minutes to 3 hours counting from the moment of full receipt of funds.
• When creating an application, you must correctly specify all the data, including email. This is necessary for the case when, after generating the application, there was a need to enter other data.
• After receiving the application, you must contact the operator. He will provide details for payment, after which the necessary amount should be paid on them (taking into account the commission for withdrawal).
• You can exchange LTC and other currencies into rubles for Sberbank details with bank cards issued in the Russian Federation. On cards issued outside the Russian Federation, payments are not made.
• You can submit and pay for the application around the clock 7 days a week. For execution, it is transferred after the funds have been fully credited to the account at the details from 9:00 to 20:30 (Moscow time).

When paying at night from 20:30 – 9:00, the application will be submitted for execution from 9 am Moscow time

• When contacting our exchanger in the direction of exchanging lightcoins for Sberbank, keep in mind that with payment amounts from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. a time deposit window takes up to 6 hours.
According to the bank regulations, crediting funds to an account can take up to 24 hours.

Exchange rate: 1.00 LTC = 3 448.52 RUB

min.: 8.7 LTC, max.: 28 LTC

min.: 8.7 LTC

max.: 11314595 RUB

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