If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.

Please note: We do not post cooperation announcements on third-party resources. Cases of publishing fraudulent offers on earnings on behalf of our service have become more frequent.


Conducting a safe exchange of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies for cash dollars, as well as rubles and euros using an online cryptocurrency exchange. Withdrawing Ethereum into cash dollars is quite simple, just fill out an application on the site, read the calculation rules and follow the operator’s instructions in a chat on the site.
In addition to the favorable exchange rate of Ethereum for USD cash, you will receive a professional online consultation: all the questions that you have about selling cryptocurrencies can be written in the online chat on the site.

You can create and pay for the application now. Operators Work Around The Clock (24/7)
Receiving funds is possible from 9:00 to 20:30 (daily) in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In Moscow, the service of transferring funds in the office is available from 6:00 to 00:00 (daily)
For other regions of the Russian Federation – the meeting time is agreed separately (Cash delivery to any major cities of the Russian Federation where there is an airport is possible).
To receive funds, you will need your order (application) number and your phone number.

The operator will inform you of detailed information on cash withdrawal methods.

When creating an application, be sure to inсlude your valid email address!
For the security of your funds, any changes to the application data, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the application.

Attention! We do not accept payments made by transactions based on smart contracts and are not responsible for funds sent in this way!

Exchange rate: 1.00 ETH = 122.90 USD

min.: 11.9 ETH, max.: 1120 ETH

min.: 11.9 ETH

max.: 404987 USD

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Exchange ETH for cash dollars

Russian law does not yet recognize either ETH or any other cryptocurrency at the official level. Therefore, a direct exchange of Ethereum for dollars is technically not possible. We will tell you how to circumvent such an obstacle and why the offer of our service is one of the most profitable.

Ways to exchange Ethereum to USD

Someone wants to sell part of their savings in cryptocurrency and make money on it, someone is afraid of a depreciation. The reasons for selling ETH can be very different. How to do it? A lot of options are presented on the Internet, but a suitable offer is not easy to find:

• Large cryptocurrency exchanges. These are authoritative, reliable services with a good exchange rate. But they charge a large commission for their services and almost always require proof of identity. More suitable for trading traders than for simple exchange;
• Finding a seller directly and negotiating with him personally is the most risky option. According to experts, up to 80% of such offers are fraud. There is a high probability of falling for the fraudster's trick and losing what they wanted to exchange. You don’t have to pay a commission, but the absence of intermediaries means that no one can guarantee the security of such a transaction;
• Bots in a telegram – a quick, convenient, fairly reliable way. But most bots can only deal with bitcoins. There are also proposals on ETH in the telegram, but there are few of them, so the rate of airtime to the dollar there most often offers unprofitable;
• Online exchangers – special services for quick exchanges. The competition among them is high, so everyone seeks to offer their customers the best conditions. Both novices and experienced cryptocurrency traders use their services.

NewLine.Online exchanger meets all the criteria for a reliable resource. We value our reputation, so we try to conduct all transactions as quickly as possible and without overlays. Over the years, we have created and established our own exchange system, which operates around the clock and seven days a week.

How is the exchange through NewLine.Online

This page contains the application form. You need to indicate how many crypts you plan to sell. The minimum transaction amount is 7.2, the maximum depends on the reserve and is agreed in the chat

The next window will immediately show how much the Ethereum in dollars is – this is the approximate amount of cash to receive. Our commission is already included in it. Then enter your city, name, valid email address and phone number.

An application for the exchange of ethereum must be confirmed by e-mail and contact the operator to chat. He will check the correctness of its filling and report the number of the ETH wallet to which you need to transfer the cryptocurrency. We will also discuss a convenient way for you to receive cash:

• Moscow residents can pick up money at the office or meet with our employee in a convenient place in the city;
• Residents of St. Petersburg can receive funds at the appointed place and receive money from it;
• Cash can be delivered to any city in Russia where there is an airport (the employee pays for the flight).

Transferring ethereum from one wallet to another is fast enough. As a rule, the operation takes no more than an hour. Immediately after the cryptocurrency arrives at our account, you can receive cash at the office or make an appointment with an employee.

You will receive cash for the exchange of ETH in cash, directly to your hands. They will not appear in any payment document, therefore, neither banks nor tax can be interested in the origin of the funds and ask unnecessary questions. This allows you to operate when exchanging large amounts of money without fear of attracting the attention of monitoring services – an indisputable plus of this proposal.

Our advantages

NewLine.Online exchanger has been providing services for four years. Every day we carry out transactions throughout Russia. Most of our customers become regular, and many come on the recommendation, which is the best indicator of good work!

These are not just beautiful words, we can confirm all of the above. You can find reviews about the quality of our service in the corresponding section of the site and in six independent forums.

We do not require mandatory registration or verification of identity. Every person who visits our site can exchange Ethereum to USD and perform other operations on the purchase / sale of any cryptocurrencies.

Nevertheless, we recommend registering with us for three reasons:

• You can save personal data in your account. This will make future transactions faster and more convenient.
• You will become a member of our affiliate program – get your own referral link, you can recommend our service to other people and get interest from each transaction! Affiliate program can be an excellent source of passive income.
• If you are interested in regular exchanges of large amounts, we can offer you special conditions for cooperation.

The income of the online exchanger is completely dependent on the quantity