If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.

Важно! По направлениям обмена, где пополнение реквизитов производится через банкоматы /терминалы (Киви, Яндекс, Тинькофф, Альфа банк, Русский Стандарт, Сбербанк и др) время выплаты может быть увеличено, просим отнестись с пониманием.


The online exchanger offers its customers a quick and secure exchange of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies to a card of any bank of the Visa, Mastercard or World system issued in the Russian Federation. Withdraw Ethereum in rubles to a visa card is one of the most popular online exchange destinations.
In addition to the profitable course of withdrawing Ethereum to the card, you will receive professional online consultation: all the questions that you have about the sale of cryptocurrencies for rubles can be written in the online chat on the site.

You can create an application and make its payment around the clock (24/7)
(When paying at night from 20:30 – 9:00, the application will be submitted for execution from 9 am Moscow time).

This operation is carried out with the participation of the courier through the bank cash desk and takes from 30 minutes to 6 hours during office hours of the bank, from the moment of full crediting ETH to the account.

Payment in this direction is made only to the details of banks in Russia (whose offices are in Moscow and St. Petersburg)

Replenishment of details is possible only for cards issued in the territory of the Russian Federation. On cards issued outside the Russian Federation, payments are not made.

ATTENTION! We do not accept Ethereum transfers based on smart contracts!

Carefully check the correctness of the payment data before creating the application!
Payment is the receipt from you of the exact amount indicated in the application (the withdrawal fee from the wallet / exchange is paid by you in excess of the amount).
Payment will be made to the details (wallet) specified in the application.

ATTENTION! Please find out all additional commissions from the bank before creating the application.

The amount in the application consists of the amount receivable + additional bank fees for replenishment (if required).

When creating an application, be sure to inсlude your valid email address!
For the security of your funds, any changes to the application data, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the application.

Without contacting the operator, to transfer your application to work, the application is deleted automatically after 30 minutes.

Exchange rate: 1.00 ETH = 10 344.49 RUB

min.: 0.3 ETH, max.: 33 ETH


max.: 16730605 RUB


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Exchange Ethereum ETH to Visa / Mastercard RUB
Very often, cryptocurrency owners need to get money into an account with one of the banks in Russia. Unfortunately, the country's banking system does not allow such payments, and tax authorities and other regulatory organizations closely monitor the turnover of the crypt. To withdraw Ethereum to a Visa or MasterCard, you need an intermediary. Contacting individuals is dangerous. Therefore, the service Newline.online offers you its services.
Our exchange office works with any debit and credit cards of the mentioned systems issued in the territory of the Russian Federation. You can exchange Ethereum cryptocurrency with a small commission. The website indicates the minimum and maximum limits for a one-time payment to a bank card.
How is the exchange process carried out?
In order not to create difficulties for the client, given the ambiguous status of crypto assets in the country, we offer a simple scheme. You send the crypto to our wallet. We replenish your card by number. From the point of view of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, tax and other organizations, they just sent you money. This is not prohibited by law, and up to certain amounts this fact does not attract attention.
The procedure begins by filling out your application. It is necessary to indicate such data in it:
• The amount in ETH you want to exchange. We do not work with smart contracts. Only standard transactions from the exchange or wallet within the established limit.
• Card number, BIC and account number.
• Bank's name.
• Name of the card holder.
• E-mail address.
Processing of applications is carried out from 9 am to 20:30. After filling out the form, write a chat number to the operator to accept it. If this is not done, after half an hour the details will be deleted from the system.
Do not use third party cards. Sending money to other people's details, you unreasonably risk. In such situations, the administration of Newline.online declines all responsibility.
Why do customers choose our exchanger?
Exchange of ethereum with withdrawal to bank cards through our exchange service is a simple and safe procedure. You do not need to understand complex functionality. It is enough to indicate what and what you are changing for, fill out an application, and then a polite and competent operator will explain everything in a chat to you.
The administration provides reliable guarantees of transparency, honesty and efficiency. You know exactly how much you will receive during the exchange. The rate is fixed and reviewed only if the payment has changed by more than 1%.
Your personal data is stored securely. If you do not want the company to save them, you can indicate this on the exchange page. Registration on the site is voluntary. However, it gives you obvious benefits. For example, the ability to fill in all the data once, and then the template will be used automatically. Also, regular customers are offered individual terms of service. The site has a referral program for authorized users.