If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.

Важно! По направлениям обмена, где пополнение реквизитов производится через банкоматы /терминалы (Киви, Яндекс, Тинькофф, Альфа банк, Русский Стандарт, Сбербанк и др) время выплаты может быть увеличено, просим отнестись с пониманием.


You can always buy dash for cash dollars in our online cryptocurrency exchanger.

Operators will always tell you how to buy Dash. They work more profitably around the clock (24/7)
Transfer of funds is possible in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any major cities of the Russian Federation where there is an airport.
Transfer of funds is possible from 9:00 to 20:30 (daily) in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In Moscow, the transfer of funds or conducting a transaction in the office is available from 6:00 to 00:00 (daily).

-To go to the exchange, you need to fill out the required fields, familiarize yourself with the calculation rules and contact the operator in Jivo chat with your application number.
-Detailed information on the methods of transferring funds to you will inform the operator.
-When creating an application, be sure to inсlude your valid email address!
For the security of your funds, any changes to the application data, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the application.

The rate of dash to the dollar can be seen when creating an application. We will transfer the dash to your wallet as soon as possible

Exchange rate: 73.65 USD = 1.00 DASH

min.: 1600 USD, max.: 100000 USD

min.: 1600 USD

max.: 4357.77970235 DASH

Personal data

Enter your name as in passport

Enter your e-mail

Enter your phone number

Type your answer

Buy Dash For Cash Dollars
Newline.online company sells cryptocurrencies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the regions of Russia. With us you can buy Dash with a small commission. A profitable course, a simple exchange procedure, this is only a small part of the benefits that our client receives. Check out the site with all the features, areas of exchange
Cryptocurrency DASH. Features and benefits for the investor
This coin has existed for a long time. She changed the name, and her blockchain improved significantly, becoming one of the most reliable. We also note the high rate on cryptocurrency exchanges. Although this asset is not a competitor to the leaders of the Coinmarketcap list, it is a profitable acquisition for crypto investments.
On our site you can buy Dash in various ways. Choose the most convenient and suitable for you. Take into account the limits and availability of funds for each direction of exchange.
Buying crypto for cash dollars
Do you have cash in USD that needs to be converted to crypto? Such an opportunity is on our website. Fill out the online form, write in a chat operator. He will tell you how to buy Dash based on your place of residence or location.
If you are in Moscow, there are two options:
• Visiting our office in Moscow City. It accepts customers from 6:00 to 0:00.
• Meeting with the courier. He can drive up to any district of the city (relevant for St. Petersburg) from 9 to 20:30.
For all other regions, there is only one condition – the presence of a passenger airport in your city or nearby. A suitable flight is selected, and the courier flies to you. Upon arrival, he calls back, clarifies that you are in place. Then you transfer money to him, and he reports that it is possible to complete the transaction. Coins are sent to your DASH wallet.
Application Form
To buy Dash for dollars, sеlect this direction from the list, and then specify the necessary data in the form that appears:
• Amount in USD.
• DASH wallet number.
• Email.
• Name, phone number and city.
Now let's move on to the important details. Let's start in order. By indicating the amount, you immediately see how much cryptocurrency you will receive in return. The exchange commission has already been taken into account here.
The next point is the details for receiving a cryptocurrency payment. Always indicate only your own accounts. Often, a crypto is bought to pay for someone else's wallet. However, a more reliable option is to get it on your own, and then send the transaction to the final recipient.
Email always indicate real. If you need to make any changes to your application, we will need to send a letter to it to confirm.
The next paragraph concerns the identity of the buyer. Where do you plan to meet with us for cash transfer. How can I call you. How to contact. As mentioned earlier, you can meet in any city in the country where there is an existing passenger airport that has air links with Moscow or St. Petersburg. The phone is needed so that the courier can find you.
You are not required to provide a real name. For this direction of exchange, this moment is not significant.
Always check it after filling out the application. Be sure to enter all the data accurately, and just copy and paste the wallet number. Only after that press the “exchange” button. Then you have half an hour to send the application number to the online chat. They will tell you what to do next and agree on a meeting.
Seven reasons to exchange cryptocurrencies at Newline.online
Why do many customers choose our cryptocurrency exchangers among many similar services?
1.100% payment security guarantee. Passing the money to us, the client knows for sure that the cryptocurrency will be transferred to his account in strict accordance with the stated conditions.
2. Absolute confidentiality. We receive, process and store personal user data reliably. Registration on the site is voluntary, and does not oblige you to anything. We do not require passport photos, and we do not pass on your information to third parties.
3. Favorable conditions and complete transparency. You immediately see how much you will receive taking into account the percentage for the exchange.
4. A round-the-clock technical support service. You can write any question in the chat, get a free consultation.
5. A large number of positive reviews that are easy to find on the net.
6. An excellent choice of exchange directions, convenient adjustable limits for each of them.
7. Additional benefits for regular customers and in the exchange of large amounts.
Get an account and get more privileges and benefits. For example, through the interface of your personal account, you can edit application templates. You also enter all the necessary data once, and then autofill just works. The next time you need to buy Dash, all the details will be entered automatically, saving time and eliminating the risk of errors. Also, the service will be conducted on individual conditions. There is an interesting referral program. Earn a percentage of commissions.