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Buy ripple for cash rubles on our site for exchange

Operators work around the clock and can conduct a cryptocurrency exchange 24/7
Transfer of funds is possible in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any major cities of the Russian Federation where there is an airport.
Transfer of funds is possible from 9:00 to 20:30 (daily) in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In Moscow, the transfer of funds or conducting a transaction in the office is available from 6:00 to 00:00 (daily).

-To go to the exchange, you need to fill out the required fields, familiarize yourself with the calculation rules and contact the operator in Jivo chat with your application number.
-Detailed information on the methods of transferring funds to you will inform the operator.
-When creating an application, be sure to inсlude your valid email address!
For the security of your funds, any changes to the application data, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the application.

Please note: When creating an application, the "Tag" field is required.
if Tag is not required to transfer payments to your wallet, enter "Not Required" in this field!

If you are wondering where to buy ripple cryptocurrency – you have found a suitable site for cryptocurrency exchange

Exchange rate: 16.36 RUB = 1.00 XRP

min.: 126000 RUB, max.: 11800000 RUB

min.: 126000 RUB

max.: 4779012.4041744 XRP


Если для отправки на Ваш кошелек "Tag" не нужен, напишите в данной графе "не требуется".

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How to buy cryptocurrency for cash rubles
Ripple is a fork of bitcoin, but has nothing to do with it. While Bitcoin works with the blockchain system, ripple uses a distribution database to work, which stores all operations, data on transfers and accounts. This approach provides security for users.
Crypto savings have become an alternative to bank investment. This is due to the fact that the price is growing rapidly and buying tokens in order to sell more expensive is a common thing for an investor. To invest, you first need to know how to buy ripple.
Instructions how to buy ripple for rubles
You can buy ripple using the service as follows:
1. On the site we choose which method you will pay for the exchange.
2. Choose the amount of currency.
3. Click on the "Exchange" button.
4. You will be taken to the translation page. Filling all the fields and making a payment, you will receive the funds.
If necessary, in the same way, you can transfer XRP back to rubles to a bank card or electronic wallet.
The whole process will take no more than 10 minutes. Since ripple does not work on the blockchain system, sometimes a transaction may be delayed for a short time due to server load and lack of computing power of miners. If you encounter problems, contact the support service, which will help solve all difficulties.
Price fluctuations occur constantly up or down. Therefore, it is important to always monitor the price, and if it starts to grow, sell the currency. But you need to do this as quickly as possible, because while you are looking for a place where you can buy ripple, the rate may decrease slightly.
It is easiest to buy ripple in our automatic exchanger. Software algorithms of the service exclude the risk that your payment will not be credited or that funds will not be transferred to you.
The benefits of buying riple
Ripple was introduced in 2012 by the company of the same name. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, XRP tokens cannot be mined, which means that their number is limited, which gives them even more value. The issue of such a coin immediately attracted the attention of not only financial organizations, but also ordinary users, who appreciated:
1. High speed transactions anywhere in the world.
2. Constant growth and scaling of the system. In the period from 2012-2020, the number of operations with XRP increased by 50 times.
3. The minimum system commission for the operation.
4. The ability to use XRP to conduct transactions with various currencies and assets.
5. A limited number of coins on the market guarantee their value.
And this is not the whole list of Ripple benefits. Now is the time to convert the usual funds into cryptocurrency using an exchanger, so that in the future you can get a lot more money at the jump in the exchange rate. Also, if you want to make a reverse exchange of XRP rubles, our service provides such an opportunity.
How to recharge a ripple wallet?
To replenish, you need to sеlect the currency you are interested in, indicate the address where the funds will be transferred, and make an exchange. If all the data was entered correctly, then after 5-10 minutes a transfer will be made to the account you specified. You can buy ripple on the site, for this you must have an already registered address for the crypto, as well as the usual electronic money on the card.
Favorable rate for buying rip for rubles in Moscow
Exchange prices are volatile. They are updated based on demand, which affects fluctuations in the price chart. Some unscrupulous services underestimate the course to earn. On our site you can exchange your money at the best rate, which is updated every few seconds.
Choosing a wallet for purchase and storage
There are many services on the Internet that provide the ability to store crypts. But it’s safest to use time-tested wallets that have been stable for a long time.
XRP wallet is not free. Its service costs 20 coins. This is a kind of security fee. For example, if you set aside 100 coins, then 20 will leave to create an address. Therefore, it is recommended to use one service to store your cryptocurrency. You need to choose it when taking into account personal requirements so as not to waste 20 XRP in vain.
For the convenience of using purchased XRPs, you can download the application to a computer or smartphone, if the selected service has one. The application on a smartphone will allow you to make contactless payments, as well as transfer funds between wallets almost instantly.
Buying Methods
There are two options to buy a ripple cryptocurrency. The first is on our website. This method has the following advantages:
• guarantee of receipt of currency;
• truthful course without markups;
• operational support service;
• many payment methods.
The second way is "with hands." The method is common among people who do not know about the exchanger. Users on the network are looking for people who manually exchange. But this method has a minus in the form of the presence of scammers. When applying for a service to a random person from the Internet, you risk losing all your money.
Entrusting the exchange to us, you completely exclude the risk of fraud, which is why this option is most preferable. If you don’t have a computer at hand, you can quickly exchange your funds from your smartphone. An adaptive and intuitive interface was created for this.
The guarantee is the authority of the site: you can find hundreds of positive reviews from real customers. The exchanger values ​​its reputation, which has been built for many years. We offer a professional and quick solution to the issue of exchanging your funds. Try it yourself and see the quality of the service. Our site charges a minimum commission for its services, while competitive exchangers brazenly set up a disadvantageous course for the client, in the hope that he will not verify its authenticity. To buy ripple xrp and not lose your money, contact us.
Should I buy XRP?
As everyone knows, 2017 became a cryptocurrency boom, during which almost all the coins soared in price. People, and most importantly large financial corporations, seriously thought about buying rips and creating their own tokens.
Ripple, like other cryptocurrencies, has already survived its correlation, so its price can be called stable. Cryptocurrency has collected the main advantages of all virtual coins, while eliminating the shortcomings. Experienced investors consider 2020 to be successful enough to invest fiat in ripple. This is due to the fact that more and more large companies are investing in the development of blockchain technology.
If you look at the price growth chart, you can see that it is slowly and confidently going up, so the acquisition of ripple can be a good alternative to investing in the dollar.
According to statistics, from 2017 to 2020, rip has risen in price by more than 100 times and is currently an excellent tool for investing and storing electronic money. The growth trend does not stop, now is the time to transfer part of the savings to rip and after six months to multiply these funds.
Actual courses
You can find all relevant information on our website. The administration does not lower the rate and regularly updates information about it. With the help of convenient price monitoring, you can find out when it is more profitable to purchase a currency.