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min.: 1460 EUR

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Cryptocurrency Ripple
In 2012, Ripple (XRP) appeared on the cryptocurrency market as a promising newcomer. As part of an open source project, developer Ryan Fugger, businessman Chris Larsen and programmer Jed McCaleb teamed up to create a transparent payment network. The specially created cryptocurrency Ripple is a central component of this system. Unlike other coins, it is not based on a traditional blockchain. Instead, developers at Ripple Labs use a distributed, peer-to-peer payment process. Unlike other altcoins, the company also cooperates with ordinary banking houses, such as the Spanish Santander, the Swiss bank UBS or American Express.
The past few years have shown that investing in altcoins can make a profit. If you want to buy Ripple or others, you just need to know to use the simple registration system on our website. As mentioned at the beginning, many crypto experts see the huge potential in Ripple. In fact, it seems that altcoin will really take off in the near future. Many investors and traders are simply waiting for the right time to invest.
Buying cryptocurrencies Ripple is one of the three most important cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization (along with bitcoins and Ethereum). Recently, more and more classic financial institutions around the world are contacting Ripple Inc. Which is relatively obvious, since digital currency specializes in working with banks and payment service providers. In addition, well-known companies and people stand behind Google, Visa and Bill Gates. And our platform, one of the largest crypto exchanges, now allows Ripple to buy and sell. XRP-Coin is particularly notable for its scalability and speed during translation. Transactions take only a few seconds. A fact necessary for real applications in payment transactions. In addition, the transaction value is only one hundred thousandth of the amount of coins. Much more expensive than other payment systems.
What should not be silent here: due to the proximity of the “old” financial and banking system, XRP and Ripple are very controversial among some cryptography users. However, it has enough looks to take a closer look at how to buy a Ripple.

Why buy Ripple?
You most likely heard that the Ripple (XRP) peaked in late 2017 and early 2018 and quickly became a sensation. Ripple collaborates with major financial services providers such as Western uniоn, SAMA, UBS and Santander, and promises to offer the long-awaited option of cross-border payments, which will be inexpensive, reliable and very fast.
XRP's market capitalization is around 11.6 billion euros (as of March 1, 2019) and is one of the most stable cryptocurrencies. In addition, the Ripple network supports all well-known currencies, such as US dollars, euros and bitcoins, and therefore is extremely diverse. In addition, there is a concept of digital debt receipts that make transactions more secure and protect investors.
If you are looking for XRP yourself, you may already know that these coins are not mined, but owned by Ripple Labs and regularly issued.
Now you want to know how to buy Riple on our website correctly? Below we will provide a brief guide to buying ripples for rubles.

What problem does Ripple want to solve?
Banks or payment service providers face two problems when conducting transactions across national borders (in different currency zones): on the one hand, liquidity must be available in all currencies involved, and on the other hand, payment must be operational. Over the past few years, Ripple has developed very innovative solutions for this.
So Ripple is not just a traditional cryptocurrency, but an integrated system with several products. Various Ripple systems are researched and developed in the so-called RippleLabs. These inсlude xRapid, xCurrent and xVia.

Is Ripple (XRP) decentralized?
XRP cryptocurrencies are often criticized and sometimes controversial. The main reason for this is that XRP was not released decentralized, but mostly held centrally by the developers themselves. About 55% of all XRP coins are currently reserved for developers and are held on a conditional deposit (cryptographic secure trust account). This escrow ensures that developers cannot continuously access all of the reserved 55 billion XRP, but only 1 billion coins per month.

Another point that speaks of the centrality of XRP is that the so-called validator nodes are currently needed to confirm transactions on the network. Currently, there are few such nodes. All validator nodes are currently managed by Ripple itself. There are currently several hundred nodes, but only the so-called “trusted nodes” can verify transactions. This verification of the site as a "trusted site" must be performed centrally by Ripple. This central authorization leads to strong influence and, therefore, to strong centralization of Ripple or XRP.

Chain block
In our comprehensive article on blockchain, you can easily and simply understand what blockchain is and how it works.
At first glance, this argument seems quite legitimate. However, if you look more closely at the functionality of the Ripple system, you will notice that it makes sense to operate the Ripple system in a single central and bank-independent currency. Now this currency does not have to be XRP – however, due to its dominant position among Ripple developers and its “pioneer” position, this is very likely. However, it is also possible that banks create their own bank coins and want to use a ripple network with their own coin.
Brad Girlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, has published an editorial on this subject, in which he, in particular, considers two scenarios in connection with Ripple with the so-called bank coins.
– In the first scenario, banks around the world decide to abandon their competitive position and geopolitical differences and create a common currency that is regulated and used together.
– In the second and much more likely scenario, banks will publish such bank coins not together, but only individually or in groups and regulate and manage them individually. In the second scenario, banks will need a direct market for the exchange between their currencies. The fact that banks themselves can simply manipulate the prices of their own coins means that their currencies must be covered by the indicated currencies. On the one hand, for the effective exchange of several digital currencies between banks, it is first necessary to create a market for all these currencies. On the other hand, covering a bank coin with various currencies means that it becomes a liability. The bank guarantees that the coin is at least worth the amount deposited. Paying with this coin will have the effect that the coverage also needs to be moved across borders – which in turn will lead to our current starting problem.
Who is already using the Ripple network?
There are already several companies that began testing Ripple in late 2017 and early 2020. These inсlude numerous banks or payment service providers such as Western uniоn, Moneygram or Santander. In total, Ripple already has over 100 partnerships, including banks, payment service providers and digital asset exchanges. This shows that Ripple can gradually offer a mature solution for payments in international currency zones, and that large companies have already learned about Ripple. Many companies are likely to wait and see what conclusion Ripple testers have come to. If this turns out to be positive, it can quickly happen that Ripple is used not only across borders, but also between institutions.

How to buy ripple in our exchanger?
If after reading the above in our extensive report from the editors, you are interested in this promising cryptocurrency and want to invest in Ripple, we recommend using our exchange service.
You can buy Ripple in cash EURO, paying at our office in Moscow City, as well as using the delivery service (within the MKAD)
The procedure is very simple, you just need to create an application on our website, enter your details for the application and contact the operator’s chat, he will tell you all the nuances of exchanging cash.
If you encounter any difficulties while fulfilling the application, our online operator will always be able to help you instantly!