If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.

Важно! По направлениям обмена, где пополнение реквизитов производится через банкоматы /терминалы (Киви, Яндекс, Тинькофф, Альфа банк, Русский Стандарт, Сбербанк и др) время выплаты может быть увеличено, просим отнестись с пониманием.


Buying ether for cash EURO in Russia and not only will allow our exchange service.

Operators work around the clock (24/7) and are ready to answer all questions regarding the purchase of the Ethereum cryptocurrency
Transfer of funds is possible in Moscow, St. Petersburg or any major cities of the Russian Federation where there is an airport.
Transfer of funds is possible from 9:00 to 20:30 (daily) in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In Moscow, the transfer of funds or conducting a transaction in the office is available from 6:00 to 00:00 (daily).

-To go to the exchange, you need to fill out the required fields, familiarize yourself with the calculation rules and contact the operator in Jivo chat with your application number.
-Detailed information on the methods of transferring funds to you will inform the operator.
-When creating an application, be sure to inсlude your valid email address!
For the security of your funds, any changes to the application data, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the application.

You can not only buy ether from us profitably, but also buy any other cryptocurrency for rubles, dollars or euros

Exchange rate: 125.10 EUR = 1.00 ETH

min.: 1460 EUR, max.: 91000 EUR

min.: 1460 EUR

max.: 29557.14381283 ETH

Personal data

Enter your name as in passport

Enter your e-mail

Enter your phone number

Type your answer

Buy Ethereum for Euro Cash
We suggest you buy Ethereum for Euro at a favorable rate. The exchange service Newline.online guarantees fast processing of the application, low fees, as well as a convenient format for acquiring cryptocurrency.
Pay attention to the simplicity of design. You need to fill out an application, leave contacts for communication, meet with a courier and transfer money to him. Immediately after this, coins will be sent to your ETH wallet at the current rate. The price already includes a commission.
How to buy ether in Russia. Secure exchange
There are several options on how to buy Ethereum for Euros through our website. However, many are interested in the method that involves paying in cash. If you live in the capital, just come to the office. It is located in Moscow City and works daily, without interruptions. The beginning of the working day is 6:00, the end is 0:00.
For St. Petersburg, the schedule is different – from 9 am to 20:30. According to the same schedule, online applications from customers are also accepted. More precisely, you can send them around the clock, but the processing is carried out strictly according to the schedule.
Ethereum course on site
ETH is in the top of the most expensive and sought-after cryptocurrencies. It is traded on major exchanges. Our site displays quotes corresponding to real prices on the market. You can also track the change in the value of Ethereum using the graph. This is a convenient analytics tool for investors.
What should be indicated in the form to be filled
To conduct a quick exchange of ETH to EUR, enter the following data:
• How much euro you give back.
• Ethereum wallet address.
• Place of residence or stay at the time of application.
• Customer email. You must always provide a real email address so that you can use it if necessary.
• Your mobile number. The courier will need to contact you to meet and transfer money.
Carefully check all the data before confirming the submission of the application. Do not use other people's wallets to receive cryptocurrency. Newline.online does everything necessary to ensure the security of payments. We ask customers to use only their own details for receiving cryptocurrency. The exchanger is not responsible for the risks associated with fraud by third parties.
Application validity period – 30 minutes from the moment of filling. Send her number to the chat, otherwise the details will be deleted from the system.
If you make a mistake when filling out the application, this is not a problem. Write in a chat, and an e-mail will be sent to you to edit the form and confirm the changes.
Cash Courier Job
The time and place of the meeting with our employee are agreed in advance in a chat with the operator. We remind you that this format is possible in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia, in which there are operating passenger airports. We will send the courier with the next flight. This will provide tangible time savings for you.
It is important that you indicate the real phone number by which you can be contacted, and remain online.
Website Registration and Privacy Issues
You can exchange Ethereum to Euros without registering. The rules do not prohibit anonymous payments. However, for regular customers authorized on our resource, there are a number of advantages:
• Priority processing of applications and individual terms of service.
• Participation in a profitable affiliate program. Send referral links, earning on commissions paid by referrals.
• Auto-complete template, editing forms.
We guarantee that any personal data received by us will be safely stored. They are not transferred to third parties.
Answers to most questions related to the exchange are in the FAQ section. In case of technical difficulties or if you were unable to figure out something, write to live chat. Technical support accepts customer requests around the clock. Employees of the company at any time will check the information and give you recommendations on further actions.