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Conducting a safe exchange of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for cash dollars, as well as rubles and euros using an online cryptocurrency exchange. Withdrawing Ethereum into cash dollars is quite simple, just fill out an application on the site, read the calculation rules and follow the operator’s instructions in a chat on the site.
In addition to the favorable exchange rate of Ethereum for USD cash, you will receive a professional online consultation: all the questions that you have about selling cryptocurrencies can be written in the online chat on the site.

You can create and pay for the application now. Operators Work Around The Clock (24/7)
Receiving funds is possible from 9:00 to 00:00 (daily) in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In Moscow, the service of transferring funds in the office is available from 6:00 to 00:00 (daily)
For other regions of the Russian Federation – the meeting time is agreed separately (Cash delivery to any major cities of the Russian Federation where there is an airport is possible).
To receive funds, you will need your order (application) number and your phone number.

The operator will inform you of detailed information on cash withdrawal methods.
When creating an application, be sure to inсlude your valid email address!
For the security of your funds, any changes to the application data, after its creation, are possible only through confirmation from the e-mail address specified in the application.

Exchange rate: 1.00 BTC = 5 894.32 USD

min.: 0.24 BTC, max.: 23 BTC


max.: 410987 USD

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Exchange Bitcoin for cash dollars.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies in our country is growing rapidly. A few years ago, many only heard about bitcoins, mining and crypto, and the information was extremely contradictory. But today, more and more people are interested in digital currency, methods of its receipt and use. There are those who previously acquired bitcoins and are now looking for options on how to safely and profitably cash out part of their savings.

Most often, people are concerned about the following questions:

• Is it legal to acquire and exchange cryptocurrency?
• How to cash bitcoins in Russia?
• How not to overpay intermediaries?
• How not to run into scammers?

We will take a brief look at these topics and explain why using the services of our online exchanger is a great idea.

The ratio of the legislation of the Russian Federation and other countries

Cryptocurrency in our country does not yet have the status of an official means of payment. The state is wary of it. The issues of legalization and recognition of bitcoin and other digital currencies as a means of payment are not currently discussed.

The exchange and cashing out of any cryptocurrency is not legally a violation of the law, but it is also not welcomed by official authorities. They believe that cryptocurrency can be used to launder illegal funds.

Such an attitude must undoubtedly change. Many countries around the world initially regarded bitcoin and other digital currencies with the same distrust, but gradually change their minds. An excellent example is Japan, which was the first in 2017 to recognize bitcoin as a means of payment at the state level. In the United States and many European countries, there are more and more stores and services that can be paid with cryptocurrency.

Progress can no longer be stopped. Sooner or later, the government of our state will no longer be able to pretend that digital currency does not exist.

How to cash bitcoins in Russia: the main options

There are several ways to convert bitcoins into cash dollars. Not all of them are safe and convenient:

• Personally find a seller and negotiate with him. When exchanging directly from the seller, "from hand to hand", the risk of falling for scammers is very high, and it will be almost impossible to hold them accountable. According to some reports, up to 80% of offers to buy bitcoins posted on specialized forums are traps.
• It is difficult to use cryptomats (special devices like ATM) in Russia: they are still very few, and the commission for use is quite high.
• Exchange on specialized international crypto exchanges is considered safe, but they charge an unreasonably high commission for services, which makes their use unprofitable. Understanding the nuances of exchange on the exchange is also difficult.

As you can see, those wishing to exchange cryptocurrencies should first beware of two problems: fraudsters in a personal search and high commission payments on exchanges and in crypto machines.

We offer a safe and profitable alternative.

Advantages of our online exchanger

An exchange office with a good reputation, large reserves and positive reviews is considered to be the most convenient option.

NewLine.Online meets all of these requirements. We try to offer the best conditions for the exchange: we always have the current rate, low commission for services, quick operations and detailed consultations throughout all stages.

We are honest with our customers: we do not have any hidden payments and pitfalls. We sound all the exchange processes in advance, and talk in detail about each of them.

And if you are interested in the regular exchange of large amounts, we can offer special conditions: contact the operator in a chat and we will discuss options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

How is the exchange of bitcoins for dollars in the exchanger

We tried to make the opportunity to cash bitcoins as convenient as possible. The site’s interface is intuitive, nothing distracts or interferes, and the exchange itself is divided into several stages:

1. On this page is a form with the data that you need to fill out: sеlect a city, specify a name, phone and e-mail. Please note: the phone number and email address must be current, they will be needed to confirm the application.
2. In the "Give" field, indicate the amount of bitcoins that you intend to exchange. The system will automatically calculate the approximate amount in dollars that you will receive on hand and display it in the next field. The commission of our exchanger is already included in it.
3. The next step is to confirm the application by e-mail and contact the chat. After confirming the application, the operator will inform you of the wallet number to which you need to transfer bitcoins.
4. The speed of processing the transfer depends on the commission that you assign to the Bitcoin system: the more it is, the more priority the application status will be and the faster the transfer will complete. Our exchanger can not affect the speed of funds transfer, this is an internal process of Bitcoin.5. Immediately after the receipt of digital currency in our account, we will calculate and inform you the final amount of dollars to issue (depending on the current rate). You just have to get cash in any convenient way.

If you want to exchange bitcoins for dollars in excess of the maximum limit, we offer two convenient options. You can divide the amount into several operations or ask us to increase the limit specifically for you – this opportunity is discussed individually in the chat and depends on the current reserves.

How to get cash after exchange

After completing the exchange, the chat operator will tell you all the details of receiving money and help you choose the most convenient option. Our consultants are in touch around the clock.

You can cash out bitcoins and receive money from a courier in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the same day. Residents of the capital can personally collect money at our office in Moscow. Cash delivery by courier to any city in Russia where there is an airport is possible. Recounting of bills takes place directly with the client: you will not have any doubts about the accuracy of the amount.

You will receive the cash in person. This amount will not appear in any payment document and will not appear on your accounts. Accordingly, none of the regulatory authorities will be able to track the fact of the exchange and ask you questions about the origin of the funds.

Complete anonymity

We understand the reasonable desire of our customers to remain anonymous and not to "shine" their identity. Carrying out operations with cryptocurrency, you are not committing anything illegal, but you do not need to pay too much attention from the government.

In order to cash bitcoins through our online service, you do not need to provide any documents. We do not need your passport data or information about the place of work! For the operation, we need only a name (you can use a pseudonym), city name, current phone number and email.

It is not worth worrying about the leak of this data: our site is located on a secure server, and all operations are carried out using modern encryption tools.

Only we will know the phone number and email address. This data will be needed only once to confirm your application.

Registration is optional

We do not require mandatory registration on our exchanger: any person who visits the site can perform the exchange operation, and his application will be processed on a par with other clients. If you do not consider it necessary, you can not register.

However, registration will be very useful in the following cases:

• For regular exchanges. In your personal account, available after registration, you can save your data necessary for the exchange. This will make future operations faster and more convenient.
• For additional income. Any registered user receives their own referral link and becomes our partner. He can attract new members to the site and receive payments from each of their operations!

The services of our Internet exchanger are a reliable, safe and fast way to cash out any amount of bitcoins and quickly get money on hand. If you still have questions after reading the article, feel free to contact the chat: our operators are ready to advise you at any time of the day and clarify all the details. Good deals!