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В Конгрессе США представили Законопроект о криптовалютах 2020According to Forbes, in the United States, perhaps in 2020, clarity in the regulation of the cryptosphere will come. The cryptocurrency bill was introduced by the US Congressman Paul Gosar for consideration by the Senate. The document aims to increase certainty in the regulation of the digital asset segment and, as a whole, to clarify the US cryptocurrency space. It is proposed to distribute the powers of departments in the supervision of the industry.

The congressman’s suggestion is this: digital assets should be classified. These categories should be divided into three groups: cryptocurrency exchange commodities, assets with the qualities of securities, and cryptocurrencies in the traditional sense of the term. Each category needs its own department, which will control a specific group. It should be a federal regulator, said Gosar. The agency is required to disclose to the public registration requirements and license information.

According to the proposal of the congressman, for three types of digital assets, their definitions should be introduced. Economic services and the profits obtained from their use should be classified as exchange commodities – the Commodity Futures Commission will deal with this category. Securities cryptocurrency securities are financial instruments on the blockchain – will be managed by the SEC. Finally, cryptocurrencies, financial instruments tied to traditional currencies, will be handled by a special group specializing in the fight against financial crimes.

Gosar’s proposal document said that the Ministry of Finance should issue rules by which transactions will be tracked – all by analogy with transfers in the traditional financial system.