If you want to exchange cryptocurrency, which is not presented on our website, please contact the operator’s chat to clarify the details of the exchange.


Alpha (cash-in) rubles

Alfa-Bank cash-in is a financial transaction by depositing cash through the terminal to the specified details. Thus, cash is converted into electronic currency. Distinctive feature: the ability to replenish the account at any time of the day, as the terminals operate around the clock.
How to buy cryptocurrency on the NewLine service
You can use the BTC Alpha exchange pair by filling out an application on the site. It is enough to indicate how much you want to give from your details and the cryptocurrency that you want to buy. The calculator will calculate its amount automatically, according to the exchange rate. You can also exchange for:
• Cryptocurrency: we offer over 20 types of tokens. It is also possible to exchange for other coins that are not on the list. To do this, write a chat to contact the manager. He will discuss with you the conditions for the exchange.
• E-currency: AdvCash, PM or Payeer. The fastest way to recharge e-wallets.
• EXMO in rubles or dollars. Convenient for those involved in trading on this cryptocurrency exchange.
We offer a profitable rate of bitcoin to the ruble. We work around the clock and provide quality service. Transfers are made immediately after receiving the amount indicated in the application to our account.
How to transfer money from Alfa-Bank through cash-in
You can use this opportunity if you do not want or do not have bank details or a card. To transfer you need:
1. Find the bank terminal and sеlect the item “cash deposit without card”.
2. Keep our details. Get them from the chat manager.
3. Enter the PIN specified by the operator.
4. Deposit money.
Be sure to save the terminal number. It is published on the check or is located on the ATM itself. Indicate it when filling out the application.